Aphasia Resources

A person needs an entire arsenal at their disposal for support in dealing with aphasia. Check out a variety of resources to see which may be a good fit for you or provide you and/or your family with the support and information you need.  


Aphasia Recovery Connection - This site was created by two young stroke survivors with inspirational stories, with the goal of supporting and helping both stroke survivors and their caregivers and friends.  

Aphasia Access is an fantastic resource that is focused on educating - survivors, caregivers, professionals -- on the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia Treatment.  The Life Participation Approach focuses on accessing communication and focusing therapy on client goals and priorities and getting the client back to living their life.  The website includes questions to ask when considering an aphasia treatment program.  

National Aphasia Association is a resource devoted to educating the public, stroke survivors, family and friends, caregivers and other professionals about what aphasia is, how extremely common it is, and support to help.

Tactus Therapy is the developer of apps to treat aphasia.  Their blog is full of information for both people with aphasia, professionals, and the public.  

American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) is the professional organization that certifies Speech Language Pathologists who treat communication disorders, like aphasia.  They also have a page focused on aphasia.  This resource uses more professional lingo, and explains what aphasia is, symptoms, how common it is, as well as factors for evaluating and treating aphasia.  A useful feature on this page is the Evidence Map, summarizing recent research in the field.  


Facebook Support Groups

Many of these are "closed" groups, which means you must request to join.  If you join one or all of these groups, please be sure to read the group descriptions and rules.  There is so much to learn from the amazing members of these groups.  

Do a search on Facebook for support groups in your area, or internationally.  There are groups for people recovering from aphasia as well as groups for caregivers.

 Living Successfully with Aphasia is one support group option.  

The Aphasia Recovery Center mentioned above sponsors several Facebook Groups for support for people recovering from aphasia, as well as caregivers and friends including this one: ARC - Support Group for caregivers and Friends


 What favorite resources do you find helpful?  Leave a comment or message me so we can share it with others.  Too overwhelmed by resources?  Contact me for a consult

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