Communication Tips and Tricks for aphasia

Top 5 communication strategies  

These work great regardless of the reason for the aphasia e.g. dementia, stroke, Parkinson's, Traumatic Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis or other neurological conditions.  For many clients, applying basic communication strategies effectively prevents and solves problems.   Many/most frustrations, stress and challenging behaviors come from "communication breakdowns" - when the message get lost between the 2 people.

Changing the communication style, changing the message, changing the environment, are all ways to help.  

Communication Tip #1:

Allow extra thinking time for understanding and for gathering thoughts.


Smile!  Calm, relaxed body language and tone communicates more than words ever can.


Use short thoughts and sentences.  Writing keywords, using gestures, and drawings can help.


Be patient.  With your yourself and with your loved one.

Always remember, tip #5...

Aphasia is a communication impairment.  Not an intellectual one.


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