Aphasia Resources - Green Bay

I recently compiled my favorite aphasia-related resources focused locally for the Greater Green Bay, Wisconsin area.  These supports, information, and education are for people with aphasia and their loved ones.


http://www.aphasiaaccess.org/ - Focus on Life Participation Approach to Aphasia

https://www.aphasia.org/ - Resource for support and education.  Includes a "search" option to find therapists specializing in aphasia and support groups.

https://www.aphasiarc.org/  Aphasia Recovery Connection (They also have wonderful Facebook support groups)


Healing the Broken Brain: Leading Experts Answer 100 Questions about Stroke Recovery by Dr. Mike Dow (Author), David Dow (Author), Megan Sutton CCC-SLP (Contributor)

Published in 2017, with an easy to read format with up-to-date, well-researched information, this is a great book for everyone who'd had a stroke and their loved ones.  


Apps are wonderful tools!  They are a convenient resource for therapy materials.  They can be great to practice home programs between therapy visits and during breaks from formal speech therapy.  Sometimes skills just need plenty of practice time, working with words, to improve.  Apps are one way to do that.  (Conversation and social interactions is often better, but that's another topic for another day)

However, I have seen many clients who have apps on their tablets, yet don't use them.


A variety of reasons.  The app could be too hard.  It could be too easy.  The app might not address the correct level or goal for that individual client.  The app might not have the settings tweaked to meet that client's needs. 

A side note on settings: Some apps have settings "hidden", which can be tricky to find unless you read the instructions. Other apps don't have many settings, limiting their usefulness. One reason Tactus Therapy apps are some of my favorites is because of their vast setting options, allowing me to tweak the app for that individual client, to help them be more successful in their home program.

As apps are so very individual, it's often helpful to have someone, like a Speech-Language Pathologist help you find the right one for you. Tactus Therapy does offer a starting point "app finder" which many help you get started.  If you are in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area, Contact me to consult for specific app recommendations for your situation.

Brown County Aging and Disability Resource Center

Every county has an ADRC which is full of resources

Address: 300 South Adams, downtown Green Bay 

Phone: 920-448-4300

Email: bc.adrc@co.brown.wi.us 

Download and print a PDF of these resources.