Speech Therapy at Home - Resource

A common question - What can I do at home for speech therapy?

Aphasia is different for everyone.  It's best to be evaluated by a Speech-Language Pathologist to find out:

  • Strengths

  • Challenges

  • How to challenge yourself and improve your skills while minimizing frustration

  • What techniques are the most effective

If you live in the Green Bay, De Pere, Howard, Appleton area of Wisconsin, I can meet with you in person to help you create a plan.  If you live elsewhere in Wisconsin, we can meet online to create your plan.  

Live somewhere else?  You can look for an SLP through the American Speech Hearing Association, or for an SLP specializing in aphasia at the National Aphasia Association.  

Websites to help develop your at-home program:

Healing the Broken Brain Stroke Recovery book - speech therapy in wisconsin