Voice Answers

My voice gets hoarse partway through the day.  What can I do?

Start out with some basic Vocal hygiene strategies.  If you don’t see an improvement, see your ENT (otolaryngologist) to check your vocal fold health and call me for a free consult.

Isn’t a quieter voice just part of Parkinson’s?  Does voice treatment actually help?

It can.  Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT-LOUD) is research-proven to be effective. 

  • 90% of patients improve vocal loudness from pre to post-treatment.
  • Approximately 80% of patients maintain treatment improvements in their voice for 12-24 months post-treatment.

I’ve always “talked quiet”.  But now I need to give presentations and the audience complains they can’t hear me.  What do I do?

Sometimes when people attempt to talk louder, they get louder from their vocal cords, straining their voice, which can cause damage. We can develop a program and teach you strategies to increase your loudness the right way, using your entire system, including respiration, voice and articulation to increase your ability to be heard.

How “hard’ is the LSVT-LOUD program?  I tire easily / I'm busy.

Maximum effort is required for maximum benefit.  The old adage --"You get out what you put it" --certainly applies here, as it applies to most speech therapy programs.  LSVT-LOUD is designed for maximum effort.  It is hard work. The home program exercises are also incorporated into your daily living tasks for functional practice.    Sample home exercise tasks:  Using your LOUD voice to:

  • Order a cup of coffee
  • Discuss a news article
  • Say “good morning”
  • Call to set up a doctor appointment

What if LSVT is too aggressive for me?  Can you still help my voice?

All programs are individualized.  LSVT may be a good fit; if so, "GREAT!" and we follow the protocol.  It may not.  If not, we will look at other strategies, including respiratory support, easy onset, amplification, alternative communication, and more.  An otolaryngologist can rule out causes that require medical management.  We will help you improve vocal hygiene, prevent misuse and coordinate your systems to help form a healthy voice.  

I want to do LSVT-LOUD, but I'm too far from a certified SLP, or it's too difficult to go to outpatient 4 days a week.  What can I do?

If you have a high-speed internet connection and a relatively updated computer with microphone, speaker and camera, you can participate in teletherapy!  Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT-LOUD) is also available via telepractice.  Here at Speech Spark, I'm E-LOUD certified, which means I am certified to provide LSVT services over the internet in certain areas.  Contact me for a free consult to see if you are a candidate for this option.  Learn more about telepractice.