What does voice therapy consist of?

Free consultation.

This is where we talk more about your situation, my experience, and determine if we are the right fit to move forward. Check with your insurance company to see if they will cover treatment. 

The evaluation consists of assessing:

  • Phonation (voicing)

  • Respiration (breathing)

  • Articulation (jaw, lip, tongue movements to form the sounds)

  • Your individual situation, environment and needs

  • Other areas as indicated

Determine Goals

Your goals are my goals.  Actual goals of previous clients included:

  • "Give a presentation without straining my voice."

  • "Read a story to my grandchildren."

  • "Call out BINGO."

  • "I want to argue again."

  • "Order a cup of coffee."

  • "Be able to call for help."


After evaluation, we will develop a treatment plan to meet your goals, and agree on a treatment schedule.  Your plan will include 1:1 visits.  Treatment is fluid; we will adjust your plan so that it works for YOU.  

Your treatment plan may include any combination of the following:

  • Vocal Health Program

  • Respiratory Support Program

  • "Easy onset", gentle phonation strategies

  • SPEAK OUT! - I am a provider of Parkinson Voice Project's SPEAK OUT! Program, a research-driven voice program designed to improve the strength of voice for people with Parkinson's. Learn more about Parkinson's, how speaking with Intent, and receiving speech therapy from a SPEAK OUT! provider can improve your communication with this video.

  • Recommendations for voice amplification and/or alternative communication options

  • Other strategies and programs as appropriate

Therapy sessions often include education, exercises, and practice program update.


Use your strong, healthy voice to live your life!