Voice Disorders - Are you at risk?

6% of the population currently has a voice disorder.  That increases to 11% of teachers.  That number increases to between 12% and 35% among older adults.  

Who is at risk of a voice disorder?

  • Teachers

  • People within professions who use their voice regularly, including sales, lawyers, teachers, and more.

  • People with Parkinson's.

  • People with other neurological disorders

  • Aging increases your risk of voice disorders.

Speech and Voice Screening

speech therapy for voice treatment, Parkinsons. Green Bay area, De Pere, Wisconsin
  • Do people ask you to repeat yourself?

  • Does your voice sound hoarse, scratchy, or breathy, especially at the end of the day?

  • Does your family say you speak too softly?

  • Do you clear your throat often?

  • Is your voice strong on some days, weak on others?

  • Does your voice fade at the end of sentences or during conversation?

If you answer "yes" do any of these questions and are in Wisconsin, contact me to find out how to improve the quality of your voice so you can speak to be heard. 

Live somewhere else? Visit www.ParkinsonVoiceProject.org to find a SPEAK OUT! Provider. 

What can help improve your voice?


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Vocal rest, taking a voice break when you are noticing vocal strain

Speech Therapy with a certified Speech-Language Pathologist.

Visit Parkinson's Disease Foundation for more tips and suggestions to help with voice and Parkinson's.