Why Speech Spark is Different - the Therapist you choose matters.

I want to THANK YOU for considering Speech Spark Services, LLC.  

You have choices when selecting a communication specialist.  I want to share with you what makes Speech Spark different than other services you may find at your outpatient therapy center.

At Speech Spark, I...

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  • Maintain high standards of care and providing services using evidence-based practice. I regularly (it could be considered a hobby) research techniques, strategies, options out there so that we can select the most efficient path to help clients reach their goals.

  • Limit the number of clients I see so that I can devote time and focus on individualized plans using the latest research and strategies so that my clients only get the best treatments. In many settings, clinicians are stretched thin or limited in the frequency or length of treatment sessions. I individualize the plan to meet the client’s goals, not insurance restrictions.

  • Use the latest software in online meetings and providing services through telepractice when available.

  • Provide thorough evaluations to determine the most appropriate plan of care for each client.

  • Develop a plan of care that targets the client’s priorities and goals.

  • Collaborate with clients, their family, and their caregivers to provide therapy focused on the client’s priorities.

  • Use function and home programs to help clients transfer learned speech and language skills to their everyday lives not just in the therapy session.

  • Offer flexible scheduling.

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Let me know or comment here what information you'd like to learn more about and I'll focus curating and posting the best ideas / newest research out there.  

Let me help you find the information you need to help recover communication.

Let me help you find the information you need to help recover communication.