Free Phone Consult

Effective communication is essential to quality of life.

Effective communication is essential to quality of life.

This is where we talk more about your situation, my experience, and determine if we are the right fit to move forward. Feel free to ask any big questions you might have about my process, my relationship building techniques, and your situation in this call. I want to make sure that as we move forward, I truly am the best person to help with your loved one’s care.  All it takes is a quick note to set up a phone consultation.

Questionnaire/Initial Consult

If we both feel good about the relationship after the phone consult, I’ll send some basic paperwork and we will schedule an in-person consult. I’ll recommend researched strategies that I believe will be effective for your particular situation, and we’ll discuss the beginnings of a plan moving forward in the program. All methods of therapy I use are evidence-based. That means I utilize the latest research combined with extensive experience to create a therapeutic program that we will see results from. 

Informal Evaluation

At this stage of our process, we’ll identify and discuss areas of strength the patient exhibits and talk a little about how to improve communication effectiveness. This is HUGE when it comes helping your loved one understand you and helping you understand your loved one. Because a lack of understanding is the biggest area where anger and frustrations grow, this is a very important step. Here we’ll also talk about environmental modifications and activity modifications that might help improve ease of understanding between the caregiver and patient.  For example, certain strategies can help improve appetite and attention to food.   I’ll offer research-based advice on how to improve quality of life from day 1 of treatment. 

Follow Up Visits

After the informal evaluation, you’ll have a great set of resources and tools to help your loved one start to communicate better and feel more understood and cared for.   I will typically suggest 6 follow up visits with unlimited email contact available over the next 2 months. At each follow up visit we will discuss how things are going, modify any techniques or changes we’ve made already and add recommendations as your loved one progresses toward their functional goals. It’s so important to me that your questions or frustrations are heard and helped at the follow up visits, so complete honesty is encouraged. It’s my goal to create a safe environment where you feel you and your loved one can be heard.