Lee Silverman Voice Treatment, also known as LSVT, is a research-based treatment for neurological conditions.  The treatment was developed to treat the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease but since has been shown to benefit other neurological conditions.  

LSVT- LOUD is the speech therapy program.  It's designed to improve vocal strength and loudness, as well as dysarthria.  


LSVT-LOUD is intentionally intensive.

  • 4 week program, 4 visits/week
  • 60 minute sessions
  • Individualized daily home practice program with carryover tasks
  • Focus on increasing amplitude / loudness
  • Focus on sensory re-calibration
  • Intensity of the program applies principles of motor learning and neuroplasticity.


This is an important component of LSVT-LOUD, especially with Parkinson's Disease.  The person with Parkinson's often isn't aware of their decreasing loudness.  They feel like they are speaking in a "normal" voice, although it gets quieter as the disease progresses. Often it's the family and friends that notice the problem.

LSVT focuses on re-calibrating the voice and what a strong, LOUD voice feels like.  A "normal" loudness to a person with Parkinson's often feels like shouting (which may feel rude, to think you are shouting at people all day) and takes significant awareness and effort  By recalibrating the voice, we help a "normal" voice feel normal and become routine.

Next steps

 Could you benefit from LSVT?  Here's what you need:

  1. Dr Referral - Talk to your doctor about your concerns.  "Speech therapy eval and treat"
  2. An ENT (otolaryngologist) evaluation prior to any voice treatment is highly recommended.  It's important for a professional to look at the vocal cords, looking for nodules, paralysis, or other abnormalities so that treatment can be modified.  
  3. Call Speech Spark to set up your LSVT therapy program.  All our therapies are provided in-home for client convenience.  
If at any time during the referral process or during treatment, we (you, I, and/or your doctor) decide that LSVT isn't what's best for your individual situation we will adjust your treatment plan to what will work.  

Have more questions about voice treatment?  Check out our Voice - FAQ page.  

LSVT also provides free webinars about Parkinson's Disease.