Having trouble finishing sentences, just can’t seem to find the right words?
Does the simple act of ordering a cup of coffee turn into an embarrassing scene?
Do people often find you hard to hear or understand?


If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, it’s time to get you back on track as an active participant in your life again, not just sitting on the sidelines watching it slip by.


I know you feel helpless...frustrated...maybe even angry about these new challenges you’re facing. The simple things you used to be able to do (like ordering a cup of coffee) that are now exercises in futility.

But sometimes, these problems are because of age. Sometimes, they could be the result of something bigger, like a stroke, Parkinson’s. Whatever your communication challenge currently is, I’m here to support you and your family through the recovery process.

I’m Beth Dolar, certified speech pathologist and founder of Speech Spark Services, LLC. As a Green Bay, Wisconsin-based Speech Pathologist, I have over a decade of experience working with adults helping repair their communication, cognition, and swallowing concerns.

Imagine being able to hold your own again in a conversation about current events…
Or order your favorite meal in the diner down the road…
Or read a bedtime story to your grandchild…

That’s what I’ll help you do.

I’m fiercely dedicated and committed to restoring your communication so you can return to a normal life. I want to help you ignite the spark that still exists, even in the face of this giant, sometimes scary and frustrating, challenge.

Sometimes the prognosis you were told was WRONG…

Too often I hear the story that someone’s beyond help, there’s no hope or that dreaded word “plateau”.

And I’m here to tell you that most of the time, it’s wrong.

Whether you’ve recently suffered a stroke or been diagnosed with dementia or Parkinson’s or you’ve been living with the effects for years, recent research has shown that the benefits of therapy can reduce or reverse the impact on communication and cognition skills, even after years of challenges like a stroke.

In fact, it’s been shown that aphasia can continue to improve for many years, with focused practicing in as little as just 20 minutes a day.


I’ll help you speak loud and clear for everyone to hear.

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How I Work

I take a “Life Participation” approach to treatment. Which means that goals are chosen based on your priorities and interests, and what’s needed to help you restore quality and enjoyment in your life.

Together, we’ll decide if the best route is:

  • Restoration, to improve your communication skills and/or cognition after a stroke, including aphasia recovery, or to strengthen your voice so you can simply carry a conversation again
  • Compensation, where we’ll determine new ways to communicate if needed, provide caregivers with customized training on what THEY can do to help, and change the environment to better meet your special needs

I’ve found from experience that most often, a combination of these approaches gets the best results - and research proves this to be true.

When you work with me, we’ll work together to identify your strengths, identify and improve weaknesses, and make behavioral and environmental adjustment to enhance communication abilities to make your life easier, longer.

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About the Treatment

The treatment programs are based on intensive research that maximize progress. I see clients in a private, one-on-one setting in the convenience of their home, so they can concentrate on the tasks at-hand - like function and carryover of skills - instead of being distracted by a strange or uncomfortable setting. Many clients prefer in-home treatments because they are more convenient and functional.   

Because of the intense focus I dedicate to my clients, the number of people I work with at once is limited. Unlike home health or outpatient clinics, my scheduling is flexible to work with your schedule. Sessions with me are usually 30-60 minutes each, up to 4 times a week instead of brief, 30 minute sessions once or twice a week that you might receive at other clinics.

And all programs include home exercises so you can continue your progress between sessions.

Set up a free consultation now to assess your situation and if you’ll benefit from my services.

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Learn More



Every moment that passes is one that’s slipped by where you could be communicating better. How will you spend the next one?

Here’s a taste of what I've helped restore for people like you:

  • Ordering their own cup of coffee
  • Shout "BINGO!"
  • Read a story to their grandchildren
  • Hold their own when debating with family or friends
  • Understand directions
  • Read and discuss the news and current events

Ask your doctor about speech therapy, and the latest research that shows there CAN be improvement, even years after a stroke. Then get a prescription for speech therapy and give me a call to get started.  

It’s not too late to get your life back...as an active participant instead of a bench-warmer.

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Wherever you are in your communication journey, wherever you want to go, I’ll help you get there.  

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