Certified Speech-Language Pathologist

Enhancing Effective Communication


Individualized private speech therapy provided in Greater Green Bay area, including De Pere, Howard and north Appleton area.

 Online speech therapy available throughout Wisconsin.


Treatment provided for…

  • Stroke Recovery - Aphasia, Apraxia, Cognition

  • Primary Progressive Aphasia

  • Voice - Difficulty speaking from overuse, age, Parkinson’s

  • Articulation treatment - speech sounds

  • Dementia - communication strategies to improve quality of life and function

Stroke Recovery

Learn more about how you can speed your recovery with an intensive aphasia program designed around your priorities. 

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Voice Treatment

Does your voice feel strained after a long day of talking?Have you been diagnosed with a Parkinson's-type disorder?

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What is Speech Spark?

In-home Speech Therapy Treatment

At Speech Spark, I am dedicated to improving their quality of life, and getting your loved one to a place where they feel good about their ability to communicate and live well. I’m all about igniting that spark in them that still exists, even in the face of this new, big, often scary, challenge. 

I’m a Certified Speech-Language Pathologist with almost 15 years of experience in the field. Specializing in stroke recovery, I use research-based therapeutic techniques that focus on the clients’ strengths to help accelerate progress. My sessions focus on working through plateaus, around roadblocks, and implementing strategies where needed to ensure the highest quality of life possible. 

Based in De Pere, near Green Bay Wisconsin, I provide the convenience and function of in-home therapy in the entire Green Bay, Appleton and greater Fox Valley area.

Learn more about Speech Spark Services, LLC, and how my services are different than traditional speech therapy.

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