Speech Therapy for Kids


Speech Sound Development - What's normal?

This picture explains what age your child should have their speech sounds.  

Overall, family should be able to understand your child by age 3. Strangers should be able to understand your child by age 4.

Your child should have all their key sounds, including R, L and S before they turn 6.

artic norms steps.JPG

Not sure?  Here's an easy at-home screen:

Keep a Log. For 1 week, write down the words you notice that your child says that aren't clear or have the wrong sounds.  You may notice patterns or certain sounds that are always missed.


Does your child need to catch up?

Schedule a free online consult - You can see how online therapy works, I can answer your questions, and we can decide if the Summer Speech Bridge Program will be a good fit for your family.

Summer Speech articulation therapy online in Wisconsin

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the Speech THERAPY treatment Provided?

Speech therapy treatments are provided online at your convenience. Depending on location, in-home evaluations available.

Online therapy is similar to a video conference, Facetime, or Skype. We use a HIPAA-secure provider. We will be able to see and hear each other in real time. Connecting is easy, with the click of a button!

Who is this speech therapy Program for?

  • Homeschool and private school. Children who homeschool can still receive speech therapy without having to go through the public school system.

  • Students are sometimes dismissed from school speech therapy even though they still have some speech sound errors.  We can help finish up those last challenging sounds.

  • Did your child not qualify for speech therapy through school but you still have concerns?  A few sessions of therapy may be all they need to fine-tune their skills and catch up


Individual Focus:
Your child is unique. So should be their therapy goals. Your speech goals are decided as a team between the parents, the child, and the summer Speech Language Pathologist.

Speech Therapy Online for articulation summer program

What are the Benefits of online Therapy?

  • Quality 1:1 service with an experienced Speech Language Pathologist.

  • Easy Scheduling - No traveling to therapy a clinic; Just click a button and you’re in the virtual therapy room.

  • Focused therapy session to get as much practice as possible for fast progress.

  • Home program included - practice activities that easily incorporate into your date help to speed progress.


Payment details

Payment is due at the time of service. To keep our rates low, we do not directly bill insurance.  Services often qualify as a healthcare expense for use of Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flex account spending. (Check with your CPA)

Check with your insurance for out-of-network coverage of articulation speech therapy, which is often not covered by insurances. Insurance-friendly receipts (called a superbill) are available. 

Standard Rates:

Articulation Evaluation:  $150

Articulation Therapy - includes parent education and home program

$60 - 25 minute treatment provided in person

$30 - 15 minute treatment provided online

In-home options available in the Greater Green Bay area. Online therapy sessions available throughout Wisconsin. If you live outside of Wisconsin, check the directory www.SpeechTherapyConnect.com for options or contact us for a referral in your area.