Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Programs now available.

Program includes:

  • Initial evaluation - This introduction and information-gathering session usually lasts around 2 hours. We start with an interview to discuss your personal communication goals. We complete formal aphasia assessments to determine your current strengths and needs, gathering information to create your individual plan.

  • Follow-up meeting to review results of evaluation and develop specific functional goals,

  • Individual program in-home therapy approx 2 hours/day, 5 days/week, unlimited hours daily practice program - may include apps, activities, social exercises,

  • Program may last 3-6 weeks, depending on the individual goals and availability

  • Follow-up session 2 weeks after completing program. We will review home program and answer any questions to ensure progress continues.

What do we work on in the aphasia program?

Goals are individual, based on a person’s individual personal and work situation. We ask “What communication problems is the person having?” and base our goals on solving those problems. Therapy may address:

  • Word-finding

  • Understanding of Speech

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Motor Speech

  • Non-verbal Communication set-up and training

  • Identification and training in use of compensatory strategies

  • Use of technology

Is this program only available in Green Bay, Wisconsin?

In-home program is only available in the De Pere and Green Bay area. A modified Intensive Aphasia Treatment Program is available online throughout Wisconsin (contact me for a free online screening to determine if online program is right for you!)

Who is a good candidate to enroll in the intensive aphasia program?

Clients need to be able to focus for 2+ hours of therapy/day as well as complete daily practice between therapy sessions.

Intensive programs are ideal for clients 6+ months post-stroke. Intensive therapy is a great way to jumpstart your recovery again, especially after a “plateau”.

What are the sessions like?

Individual 1:1 therapy will be provided by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist. Home Programs include technology, functional and social activities, based on individual goals and environment.

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