Stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury?

If you are recovering from a stroke or traumatic brain injury, communication-cognition problems may include... 

  • aphasia (e.g. mild to severe word finding problems, difficulty understanding a person's speech, inability to read or write),
  • apraxia (a motor planning problem- e.g. the wrong sounds are coming out) 
  • dysarthria (muscle weakness causing slurred speech)
  • cognitive deficits (difficulty paying attention, remembering, problem-solving, or a variety of other problems)
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Intensive, Traditional and Consultation programs available

Therapy starts with a communication evaluation. We look at:

  • WHAT is difficult,
  • WHY it's difficult, 
  • HOW it's impacting living life (what can't the person do because of their condition).  

Once we know those factors, then we work as a team to choose goals and develop a plan to help.   Total hours/week is dependent on the client and how often they practice their home program. Some insurances require a doctor referral. We can contact your doctor to request the referral, if needed.

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