Recovering from a Stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury?

Recovery from a stroke is a long process.  

We address all communication-cognition including... 

  • aphasia (e.g. mild to severe word finding problems, difficulty understanding a person's speech, inability to read or write),
  • apraxia (a motor planning problem- e.g. the wrong sounds are coming out) 
  • dysarthria (muscle weakness causing slurred speech)
  • cognitive deficits (difficulty paying attention, remembering, problem-solving, or a variety of other problems)

I work with my clients from an intensive rehabilitation perspective, meaning their stroke rehabilitation is at the forefront of their life over the course of their treatment. With a combination of therapy sessions and home practice tasks, they will be working towards recovery every day.  This approach has been thoroughly researched and is incredibly effective. It also allows me to provide guidance and support by being very in tune with how your loved one is progressing.


Free speech therapy phone consultation in Wisconsin

We start with a free consultation.  This is where we talk more about your situation, my experience, and determine if we are the right fit to move forward. Feel free to ask any big questions you might have about my process and your situation in this call. We want to make sure this is truly the best solution for your situation.

Some insurances require a doctor referral. We can contact your doctor to request the referral, if needed.  

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aphasia speech therapy in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Traditional and Intensive programs available.

Therapy starts with a communication evaluation. We look at:

  • WHAT is difficult,
  • WHY it's difficult, 
  • HOW it's impacting living life (what can't the person do because of their condition).  

Once we know those factors, then we work as a team to choose goals and develop a plan to help.  

Intensive program consists of 1:1 speech therapy with a certified Speech-Language Pathologist up to 4x/week, plus an individualized home program.  Sessions may be 30-120 minutes, dependent on client needs and program.  Total hours/week is dependent on the client and how often they practice their home program.

Daily independent practice of skills is expected.


Client A is doing very well after her stroke, but has difficulty with more complex word-finding, reading, and problem-solving.  She's very motivated and willing to practice on her own.  We set up a home program and 30 minute speech therapy sessions 1 time a week for 6 weeks to help jumpstart her recovery.
Client B's stroke was 2 years ago and he is limited to speaking just a few words. He is private pay and is highly motivated to improve, with plenty of family and friends around for support and practice.  We set up a plan with 2 hour speech therapy sessions, 4 times a week plus a home program,  intensive aphasia therapy at home.