$150-$250 - dependent on type of evaluation


Up to 6o minutes - $90/session

30 min sessions available, based on client needs

Intensive Aphasia Program - offered in-home or online

2 hour treatment sessions plus extensive home program - $150/session

(usually recommended 4-5 sessions/week for 4-6 weeks)

Payment Options


Speech Spark Services is in-network with Medicare.  

Medicare Part B usually covers 80% of medically necessary skilled speech therapy. Often, Medicare will also submit to your secondary insurance for the remaining 20%.  

Treatment can be provided wherever the client is, including the home.

Private Pay

All non-Medicare clients are considered private pay.  Payment is due at the time of service, unless other arrangements are made. A detailed invoice is available upon request if you’d like to submit to your insurance for out-of-network benefits.

Unlike many other companies in the area, Speech Spark can see clients on a private-pay basis only, or continue private pay after insurance is exhausted.  


Does your insurance cover speech therapy?

Many insurance companies do reimburse for out-of-network speech therapy services.  The only way to know is to call the insurance company and ask.

After you pay Speech Spark Services for therapy, you will receive an itemized receipt of payment (known as a “superbill”) that you can turn in to your insurance provider in order to request reimbursed from your insurance directly.  Speech Spark Services, LLC cannot bill any insurance company that we are not in-network with. If requested, we can provide you will evaluation results and treatment notes, but we are not responsible for insurance's coverage/reimbursement determinations. Any payment arrangements and communication regarding coverage is between you and your insurance company.  

You will need to call your insurance company to find out:

  • Your coverage

  • How to submit for reimbursement - what needs to be included, where to send it to, any time restrictions.

Before you call, be sure you have your current insurance card in front of you.

Write down the date, time of your call, as well as the representative’s name. 

Tell the representative that you are calling to:  check on your benefits and coverage for speech therapy.

Suggested questions:


  • Under what circumstances does my policy cover speech therapy?

  • Does my speech therapy have an exclusion clause about covering therapy?

    • If yes, what is it?

  • How many visits are allowed per year of therapy?

    • Once those visits are used up under what circumstances can I get more visits authorized?

    • Have any visits been used to date?

  • Can I choose a speech therapist outside of our network/provider list?

Pre-Authorization Requirements

  • Is there a requirement that I get a prior authorization and/or a referral before I see a speech therapist?

    • If yes, who do I contact? ____________________ Phone#:______________________________

  • Do I need any Pre-Authorization from my primary care doctor for speech therapy?

    • If yes, What do I need from my doctor? (e.g. prescription)


  • What is the difference for coverage of out-of-net-work vs in-network?

  • What is the deductible for out-of-network?

    • How much of the deductible has been met?

  • Do I have a co-payment or is there a percentage of the bill I will be responsible for out-of-network speech therapy visits?

    • How much?

  • Do I have co-insurance?

    • How much?

  • What is my out of pocket maximum?

Submitting Reimbursement

  • What do I need to do in order to submit for reimbursement of speech therapy services?

  • Where do I send the Superbill?


If anything is unclear, ask for clarification or speak with a supervisor. This will help avoid surprises after you submit for reimbursement.

Remember that you are responsible for all charges at the time of service.  Your insurance coverage and any reimbursement is a contract between you and your insurance company.  The above is only general recommendations and Speech Spark Services, LLC, is not responsible for coverage or reimbursement.

*Rates are current as of Oct 2018, but are subject to change. Your rates may be different depending on your individual treatment needs. Please contact me to request current rates for your situation.